We Crowdsource
What Locals Like Best
By capturing local wisdom in its simplest form -- favorites -- we are transforming the review space into something radically simple and immediately useful.

Reviews Are Hurtin'
Reviews used to be helpful--that is, until they weren't. Too many. Poorly written. Ruthlessly negative. Suspiciously positive. You're wasting valuable time--and your favorite places are getting hammered!
Reviews Out. Favorites In.
We get folks like you to vouch for their local favorites by answering questions like: What's the best pizza in West Chester, PA? We then simply add up the responses and make simple lists of the best. Who asks the questions? Folks like you.
Radical Simplicity
We don't do algorithms. Well, we do use addition to add up votes. For local intel to be useful it has to be: 1. Radically simple; 2. Totally transparent; 3. Exclusively positive; 4. Really accurate.

News and Insight

Are Natural Language Queries Gaining Traction? Um, Yes!

Nothing like a little analytics to tell a story.

When we built the site, we made the bet that many searchers are literally just writing queries as they would be spoken -- and we structured our Ask A Question wizard to offer the ability to create natural language questions.
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You're Mobile. And Now We Are Too!

Our site's mission is to be simple, positive and helpful. So our mobile mission is along the same lines. Simplicity and helpfulness first. Pizzazz and slickness are on deck.

So, are you with us?
Read more

A Good Cause Requires A Good Jersey, Right?

Our very own, TalkFavorites.me Co-founder Jeff McCary, is donning spandex (and a bike) this coming weekend to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. He's got a personal connection to the disease his brother-in-law (who is riding too!) has it. Perhaps you know someone, too.

So let's take a minute and acknowledge that BIKE MS: CITY TO SHORE RIDE has raised $4,226,358.40 so far.
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